Wednesday, 18 January 2017

"I Am A Magazine"

Last week students from across Middlesex University's Faculty of Arts and Creative Industries came together to work on an innovative learning project in the Grove Atrium, entitled I Am A Magazine. 

Students from a range of subject areas including Fine Art, Graphics, Fashion Communication & Styling, Photography, Theatre Arts (and more) came together for this inter-disciplinary project.  Their brief was to critically examine magazines in Middlesex University’s magazine collections (drawn from MoDA and the Library). The magazines were a springboard to create new work: students were asked to respond to their content, iconography, discourse and materiality and to the wider context of magazines as communicative tools, as creators of communities and culture.  

Middlesex University Photography tutor, Alison Tanner, helps students get started on the project

Magazines from both MoDA and the Middlesex University Library have frequently used in learning and teaching by students, but this is the first time they were brought together in one large scale project, involving nearly a hundred students.  I Am A Magazine aimed to provide the space and opportunity for disciplines to collide, mix and interweave. 

deep in discussion about the project...

What students produced during the project was up to them: outcomes included a stop-frame animation, a period room-set and several photographic pieces.  But this was a project in which the process was as important as the product: students were learning skills of team work and negotiation, of working with students, equipment and techniques outside of their usual subject areas.

The Museum of Domestic Design and Architecture has an extensive collection of magazines relating to all aspects of home furnishing, DIY, homecrafts and womens' interest.  They are available to everyone, by appointment in our Study Room.  

Students and creative practitioners from Middlesex and elsewhere frequently use MoDA's collections for visual inspiration.  (One example was the Share Academy project we ran a few years ago).  If you are interested in seeing them yourself please email us to make an appointment (

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