Tuesday, 9 February 2016

Colour our Collections!

The first week in February saw Twitter being taken over by collections crying out for colour! Led by The New York Academy of Medicine, libraries and special collections were invited to share images suitable for colouring on social media along with the hashtag #ColorOurCollections.

We had a great response to collection images from MoDA (Museum of Domestic Design and Architecture) posted on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest. We were particularly delighted to see this beautiful work-in-progress sent in by one of our Twitter followers.

Design for a textile or wallpaper by Archibald Knox from the Silver Studio Collection SD25628, Museum of Domestic Design and Architecture, thanks to @soy_evelyna 

For museums, it’s another great way to encourage people to engage with collections, as well as highlighting the multitude of applications for museum objects. Through colouring a Silver Studio design (as seen above), greater attention is paid to its intricacies, as well as imagining what colours may have been intended for the final product.

With a tendency for increasingly busy lifestyles, particularly in London, we can see how taking the time to stop and be ‘mindful’ can help with relaxing and de-stressing.

The craze for colouring appears to be continuing, with colouring books topping Amazon’s best-sellers list, the Wellcome Trust trialling teaching mindfulness in schools, and even hospitals using them as a calming technique, for example before an operation.

With a whole host of claimed therapeutic effects (as well as fun and nostalgia!), why not give it a go yourself? Visit our Pinterest page for a selection of images to download and colour in.

And don’t forget to share your masterpieces on Twitter - #ColorOurCollections @modamuseum.

Palladio wallpaper design, SC51, Museum of Domestic Design and Architecture

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