Friday, 25 July 2014

Candlesticks, Castles and Crochet

Temporary Assistant Curator Hilary Davidson has been impressed by the wide variety of publications which draw on research undertaken using the collections of the Museum of Domestic Design and Architecture (MoDA).  Here she gives a quick round up on some recent highlights – more next month.

The team at MoDA deal with all kinds of people wanting to know about the museum’s collections from a wide variety of angles, and for a number of reasons.   Some are researching for undergraduate or postgraduate dissertations or theses; others are intending to publish their research via more formal channels.

In addition, MoDA’s collections are frequently used for research by people who have a great enthusiasm for and an enormous knowledge of a particular area, but who don’t consider themselves to be ‘academics’.  Much of the work around silver designer Archibald Knox comes into this category: 2014 is the 150th anniversary of Knox’s birth, so it has been a big year for the Archibald Knox Society.  They organised a celebratory exhibition at the Olympia Antiques Fair in June. Their catalogue featured an article by Knox-specialist Anthony Bernbaum and reproduced original pencil designs for silverware from MoDA’s collection.

The Archibald Knox Society Journal special 150th Anniversary Edition (April 2014) featured two articles using MoDA resources, one by Anthony on 'The Origins of the Liberty ‘Cymric’ Silver Range’, and one by Society chairman Liam O’Neill - 'Archibald Knox: A 'Ghost' Designer'.

We’ve recently enjoyed reading Philippa Lewis’ new book Everyman’s Castle which uses an image from a 1935 brochure for ‘Roger Malcolm of Edgware’s new houses’ as the cover. There are more MoDA pictures inside this lovely book. AN Wilson gave it 5 stars in the Telegraph and our Head of Collections, Zoe Hendon, also reviewed the book on our blog. Philippa has also written a delightful article on ‘The English Fear of the Flat’ which can currently be read online in the summer issue of the London Library magazine

Everyman's Castle by Philippa Lewis

In terms of magazine articles, MoDA was featured in the BBC Antiques Roadshow magazine of June 2014, focusing on the wallpaper collections. And Jane Pettigrew used images of embroidered tea set covers and a crocheted doily from MoDA’s collection of early twentieth century needlecraft journals for her article 'A Flutter of Snow White Linen' in the June issue of specialist US tea magazine TeaTime.

Museum of Domestic Design and Architecture, Badda 3285

There'll be another update on recent research using MoDA's collections next month.

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