Wednesday, 27 November 2013

Moustaches of the Silver Studio

We are now in the last week of Movember 2013. Many participants' facial hair will be at the stage where they need to start maintaining, trimming and styling. Perhaps some are even considering keeping the look beyond this month.

Today we have found images from the Silver Studio collection to inspire Movember participants. All of these photographs are from the Silver's family album (Badda4302). For moustache grooming ideas, we felt there was no better place to look than the album of a late Victorian/Edwardian family, full of predominantly designers, and style-conscious men. 

The head of the family business, Arthur Silver (1853-1896), spent most of his life with the beard/ moustache combination. Two of his sons Harry (1881-1972) and Rex (1879-1965) joined the family business and also sported stylish moustaches for much of their lives.
Arthur Silver

Harry Silver
Rex Silver

Rex appeared to take a keen interest in varying the style of his facial hair- as evidenced in this album page.

A cousin of Rex and Harry also kept a well maintained moustache, complemented with a fine bow tie. 

Walter Crane (1854-1915) was a good friend of Arthur Silver and his family. In this picture from the family album he pairs his moustache with a fine hat and coat.

Walter Crane

The best of all (perhaps even eclipsing Rex Silver's moustaches) was that of the Silver Studio designer Harry Napper (d.1930). From a young age Napper cultivated his upper lip, but it was later in life that his moustache appears to have reached it's full potential. You can see some of Napper's design work for the Silver Studio here.

Harry Napper
I'm sure the men of the Silver Studio would have been in support of Movember - a wonderful charitable initiative to raise funds and awareness of prostate and testicular cancer and mental health issues. You can donate towards the cause on the Movember website.

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