Wednesday, 20 November 2013

Award winning animation

As regular readers of this blog will know, Kremena Dimitrova, won this year's MoDA annual student competition, the Arthur Silver Award.  Entrants to the award are required to use the museum's collections as inspiration in the development of a piece of studio work, and Kremena did this by using a series of postcards from MoDA's ephemera collection to create a wallpaper design, a children's picture book and an animation.

One of a series of detailed silhouette-style postcards depicting courtship scenes that inspired Kremena's work
Museum of Domestic Design & Architecture (SM32.2)
According to Kremena, the postcards inspired her to create the animation first.  So when Kremena considered entering for the award she realised that she would not be able to submit her animation as the required format stipulated that all entries must be submitted on three A3 sized boards. To overcome this problem Kremena used stills from the animation to create the wallpaper design and children's picture book. Kremena has now added the finishing touches to her piece of animation and we are happy to share it with you here. The animation is based on the 'Miller's Tale' from the Canterbury Tales by Geoffrey Chaucer. It lasts just under seven minutes and if you are interested either in Kremena's work or how creative people are inspired by our collections - I am sure you will enjoy it.

To see more of Kremena's work please visit her website. We have just launched the 2014 award and you can get information about the application process on the MoDA website.  You can also find out more about the work of previous Arthur Silver Award entrants in past MoDA blog posts.

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