Friday, 23 August 2013

MoDA Art Nouveau objects on Culture Grid

One of the best represented styles in MoDA's collection is Art Nouveau. A sometimes contested term used to define a turn of the century decorative art aesthetic, Art Nouveau is characterised by curvey and flowing lines, tall and thin elements within the design, stylised flowers and leaves. It is seen as one of the first truly modern styles of the twentieth century.

MoDA's Silver Studio collection holds many examples of Art Nouveau designs for wallpapers, textiles, metalwork and book jackets. It was a great pleasure to be invited by Culture Grid to take part in the Partage Project which is a European wide heritage initiative aiming to digitise Art Nouveau objects in collections across Europe. Their aim is to digitise more than 75,000 objects and make them accessible via the cultural portal

Culture Grid is the UK based partner for Partage. They are a part of Collections Trust, and their aim is to amplify the impact of UK collections by making them more accessible. Culture Grid comprises 3.2 million records of museum collections in the UK. This week we gave them some of our Art Nouveau objects to put up including the two below.

A design for a textile by the Silver Studio for Lebogne in 1897, Museum of Domestic Design & Architecture (SD9249)

Book cover for 'Our Little Nan' designed by the Silver Studio for Blackie & Sons Ltd in 1897, Museum of Domestic Design & Architecture (SD466)
You can now see some of MoDA's Art Nouveau objects on the Culture Grid website. Soon, you will be able to access them through Europeana and also other online resources like, which is linked with Culture Grid. If you are interested in this style of design, we encourage you to search on Europeana and also visit the V&A website which provides some interesting articles on the subject. If you would like to book in to see more Art Nouveau objects in MoDA's collection, please contact us.

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