Thursday, 25 July 2013

preparations for Knox anniversary

Next year sees the 150th anniversary of the birth of the designer Archibald Knox.  Knox was born in 1864 on the Isle of Man, and became an acclaimed designer of silver and pewterware for Liberty & Co, around the beginning of the twentieth century.

Knox is known for his Celtic-inspired Art Nouveau patterns, and it seems likely that he worked for the Silver Studio around that time - although the records are a little unclear.

textile design by Archibald Knox, ST417, Museum of Domestic Design & Architecture
textile design by Archibald Knox,
Museum of Domestic Design & Architecture, ST417
The exact nature of the relationship between the Silver Studio, its employees (including Knox) and its customers (such as Liberty & Co) is difficult to determine, particularly for that period, as some of the crucial records have not survived; it will probably be the subject of debate by scholars for many years to come. Either way MoDA's  Silver Studio collection contains a number of designs for wallpapers and textiles which are thought to be by Knox, and you can see these on our website.  (We also have a number of designs for metalwork, attributed to Knox, but these are not yet available online).  It's likely we'll be lending some of them to an exhibition at the Manx Museum next year - watch this space for further details!

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