Friday, 15 May 2015

Greetings from MoDA

Claire Isherwood, MoDA Business Manager, highlights the products of one of our Licensees.

The Almanac Gallery, a greetings card company, has worked with MoDA for many years to produce an attractive range of greetings cards for all occasions drawing from designs in our collection. A small range of these cards are now on sale through our online shop.

A selection of the MoDA cards from The Almanac Gallery 

Nicole Mendlesohn, Art Editor, at The Almanac Gallery visits the MoDA Collections Centre and chooses a shortlist of designs for new ranges. Nicole has visited on many occasions but there is always something different to see or a design is seen in a new light. Some licensees have a particular theme or style in mind considering current trends and consumer tastes but occasionally something they are not looking for fits the bill.

Although in a digital age it is possible to license images without seeing the original design, it is useful to see the scale of the design. Of course there is also something appealing about sifting through hundreds of designs to find the perfect one. Many of our Licensees do not use the images as they are and will crop the image to use a detail, sharpen the designs or change the background colour. See below the original Silver Studio design with the Almanac Gallery greeting card where they have amended the design to bring it more up to date with current tastes and a broader audience.

The original MoDA design and the card with a pale blue background

Another example of original design and this time with a bright yellow background 

MoDA's online shop also includes a range of publications drawn from the collections. Good news is that all products now have free postage. We are considering adding more items to our online shop so please do share with your friends and family or let us know what you think.

If you are interested in using designs from MoDA's collections for commercial purposes please contact MoDA's Business Manager, Claire Isherwood (

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