Friday, 24 January 2014

Resolutions unravelled...

MoDA's Head of Collections, Zoe Hendon, finds her New Years Resolutions have come unravelled already...

Sometime in December, possibly while under the influence of too much mulled wine and mince pies, I had an idea for a New Years resolution.  I've always particularly  liked one of the booklets in MoDA's collections 'Learn to Tat', and back then I resolved (or rather, resolved to resolve) to do just that.

Museum of Domestic Design & Architecture (Badda2013)

I was influenced by the woman on the cover's air of gracious joie de vivre, her stylish charm, and her confident half smile.  "Learning to tat looks like a lot of fun,"I thought, "I'll make that a priority for 2014."

It's now the third week of January, and I can safely say that nobody of my acquaintance will be receiving a hand-tatted present next Christmas.  There are undoubtedly be some readers who have more patience than I, for whom this would have been an easy task.   But let me tell you, this tatting lark is a lot harder than it looks.  The instructions in the booklet may look attractive, but made No Sense Whatsoever.  See also here  for instructions that might make it a bit clearer.

Now when I look at the cover of that booklet, I wonder whether the woman on the front looks smug and annoying rather than aspirational.  What do you think? Have I given up too easily?

As to making it a priority for 2014, (and in my defence), having recently moved house, I need some rather different practical skills slightly more urgently.  It would be particularly handy if I could re-plumb a sink for example.  Maybe this book should have been my first port of call?  Now where's my monkey wrench?

Museum of Domestic Design and Architecture (Badda2739)