Thursday, 25 September 2014

Middlesex graduate is part of Hasler Gallery project

Robbie Shepherd, one of the participants in the Hasler Gallery Project, tells us how he's doing so far.

"I have recently graduated from Middlesex University with a BA in Illustration.  I love drawing; for me its a form of expression and I find it therapeutic.  I like to draw without any set boundaries or plans and so my work tends to just come to mind as soon as I put pen to paper.  For me drawing provides a place where you can explore your own unconsciousness.

I came to the Museum of Domestic Design and Architecture (MoDA) to look at some of the Silver Studio's Art Deco designs.  Some of the drawings seemed to relate to my current exploration of loose marks and patterns using pen or brush and abstract faces.  I wanted to explore a more abstract and care-free aspect of my drawing, 

pencil design for textile, 1930s, from the Silver Studio Collection,
Museum of Domestic Design and Architecture, Middlesex University
I found that quick or long strokes of a brush provided interesting marks and character. The other interest I have is texture which in the past I introduced digitally in some of my pieces.  I really liked the way some of the Silver Studio artists created texture through rough charcoal and brush strokes. 

If you’d like to look at some of my work, please look at my website"

It's great to see Robbie and the other participants in this project using MoDA's collections to develop new work.  Some of this work will start to go on show in the Hasler Gallery in North Finchley's Grand Arcade from November.  In addition, the graduate participants will be showing some of their own recent work from 11th October.  More details to follow soon.

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