Tuesday, 25 March 2014

And So to Sew!

This week we're into the quarter final of this year's Great British Sewing Bee - already!  What with velvet trousers and anoraks last week, it's difficult to imagine what the judges will come up with next.  I doubt any of the challenges will be as effortlessly stylish as the summer dresses on the cover of this great publication from the collections of the Museum of Domestic Design and Architecture.

Sewing bulletin, Museum of Domestic Design and Architecture

Don't you just love the jaunty typography?  Not to mention the clever way that the background suggests a piece of paper dress pattern?  MoDA's collections include a good number of booklets, magazines and manuals relating to making things at home; from dressmaking to knitting, and from crochet to woodwork.  If you are interested take a look at our website, or get in touch to make an appointment to see more for yourself.  

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