Wednesday, 14 August 2013

Pandas - pregnant paws...?

After all the excitement of the royal baby, anticipation is mounting around the possibility of a panda pregnancy at Edinburgh Zoo.  But panda fertility seems to be particularly tricky; it's not clear if the mummy panda is indeed pregnant, and it won't become any clearer until just before the baby is born. But the indications are good: according to a report in the Guardian, the female panda seems to be displaying signs of moodiness and "nesting" behaviour.

Here at the Museum of Domestic Design & Architecture we recently received a donation of a great textile, which we think would be perfect for a panda nursery.  Do you think the prospective panda parents would agree?

Cotton, printed textile by Arthur Sanderson & Sons Ltd, 1930s-40s  (Museum of Domestic Design & Architecture, BADDA4867)
What do you think?

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