Wednesday, 15 May 2013

MoDA's new website turns one

Almost a year ago today, MoDA's newly refurbished website went live. The new look was developed by Systems Simulation Ltd. and designed by Redloop with the aim of putting our collections centre stage to make a highly browsable, visual and easy-to-use web resource.

One year on and we are taking a step back to assess where we have got to: Have we reached the goals we set for ourselves and what should we do next? Last month we put out a request for people to take part in a survey about the website. We got 90 respondents to our online questionnaire who provided us with interesting and considered answers to seven questions.

The survey responses confirmed for us that the majority of visitors found the site visually appealing and browsable. Here are the responses to questions related to the exhibition section of the site:

Responses to the question: "MoDA’s website has an online exhibition section. To what extent are the following statements true for you after looking at the online exhibitions?"

We also asked people what they thought was the best thing about the website. Again, we were really interested in the range of responses but we pleased to see 'easy to use' and 'visually appealing':

There was also a lot of helpful ideas and suggestions for improvements. The most common request was for more content and more visible and accessible information about specific things such as, a particular research topic, the blog or the Arthur Silver Award.
 Just more content..
Greater use of social media and blogging. 
A lightbox or way of gathering/comparing a selection of objects user generated tags reports could be better laid out would prefer all the data on one page rather than the three tabs
I was researching the colour theme - and I would have loved a bit more depth and/or info available on the web 
We are still doing an assessment of the website. We are using google analytics to assess who visits, from where and for how long. We are also considering what pages are the most popular so we can develop these further; for example, the 1930s style page is one of the most frequently visited sections of the website so we will aim to put more 1930s objects online.

It's an exciting time as we look to the future and think about the ways we can develop this important feature of our museum. Thank you to all who contributed to the web survey - your comments have been invaluable and we will definitely be putting them to good use.

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