Wednesday, 6 February 2013

MoDA Study Room users - Student Special

2013 got off to a great start in MoDA's Study room, with Middlesex University students from Fashion, Fashion & Textiles, Illustration and several other Art and Design courses.  Many were second and final year students,  researching for possible Arthur Silver Award entries.

Fashion and Fashion & Textiles First Years started a project titled 'MoDA Obsessions' in December. The project requires them to select an object from the collection based on a particular theme, investigate it further and create a visual diary of their work. They then partner with another student and together create a collaborative garment piece which will form part of a catwalk display later this year. In December, over 100 students visited MoDA to be introduced to the collection, and so far, a third have returned to the study room in January to continue their research.  We look forward to seeing how their work develops, and if we can, we will share it with you.

It's always refreshing and surprising to find out what students find interesting. Their requests to see more from the collection reflect the diverse and creative pathways they are taking out from the material as they continue researching a particular theme or topic:

"Can I see more 1950s patterns?"
"Are there any trade catalogues for built-in wardrobes?"
"Do you have other examples of peacock in Art Nouveau designs?"
"Do you have more work by this designer?" 
"What other magazines will have advertisements which use a similar font?"
"Please can I see more moss-like patterns 
               ...Botanical drawings?
                              ...cigarette cards?
                                            ....katagami stencils?

Middlesex University Fashion and Fashion Textile students search for their 'MoDA Obsession' in the study room.

In January we also welcomed back third and second year Illustration students. As with the 'MoDA Obsessions'  project, the Illustration students are required to use aspects of the collection to inspire a creative output. The difference is their starting point is restricted to a box of ephemera assigned to them at random. Like the Fashion and Fashion & Textiles students, it was exciting to see the rich creativity the students demonstrated as they picked up on unusual or surprising aspects of their box content. 

We are hoping that all the Illustration students will combine their inspirational research and creative output to form the basis of their Arthur Silver Award 2013 entry.  If you are a 2nd or Final Year Art & Design and Media student at Middlesex University, you too can enter MoDA's annual student competition.  Remember the winner receives a cash prize of £1000 and deadline for entries is 17th May 2013.  For more information and an application form please click here.

If you are interested in entering the Arthur Silver Award 2013 and you need help either getting started or with any other aspect of your entry then please attend one of three 'Help with Applying for the Award' surgeries that we will be running between now and the deadline. The surgeries will be taking place on Wednesdays 13th February, 20th March and 17th April, from 1-2pm in the Atrium of the Grove Building on the Hendon campus. There is no need to book - just turn up.  Please let us know which surgery you wish to attend by contacting Richard Lumb in advance.

Have you been inspired by the student research and would like to undertake your own research into the MoDA collections?  If so then contact Maggie Wood to make an appointment. If you are not sure what is in the collections then click here to browse our website, where I am sure you will find something to interest you.

We'd like to take this opportunity to welcome back MoDA's assistant curator Maggie Wood who has returned from maternity leave! Maggie will be overseeing the study room with help from Louisa Knight.

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