Monday, 1 October 2012

The calm before the storm

Today is Induction Day for Middlesex University students. As the university's museum, it feels a little bit like the calm before the storm because from next week we'll begin hosting groups from various Art and Design courses here at Beaufort Park : introducing them to the Museum and giving them an insight into how MoDA's collection can support and enhance their learning experience.

The last few months have revolved around preparation for the academic year but it's also been business as usual in the study room, as we continue to make the collection available to researchers.

We've seen some big name fashion labels who have come to draw inspiration from the collection as well as other design companies who have been investigating licensing Silver Studio designs. Of all the professional designers, we particularly enjoyed meeting Marika Giacinti who travelled all the way from Paris. She was researching for a new line and you can see examples of her work here.

Marika Giacinti in the MoDA study room

The range of private and academic researchers to MoDA in the last months has made for interesting study-room table conversations. Discussions have been had about the attribution mystery of a certain peacock feather textile design, retro-style in the form of Neo-Adam and Neo-Georgian patterns, 1970s style, the Liberty's-Silver Studio connection and home interiors on the silver screen. A good friend of MoDA's, Keren Protheroe, was back in to tie up some loose ends for her PhD. Keren is the author of Petal Power (you can buy it online here) and her PhD is a fascinating study into textile design in the period 1910-1930.

Prior to the term starting, we spent time with Middlesex university lecturers from Fashion Design, Styling and Promotion, Illustration and Fashion Textiles discussing plans to incorporate aspects of MoDA's collection into their student's course work. A curious mix of objects have been selected by these lecturers - like typographic samples and cigarette cards. We are looking forward to sharing with you some of the work the students will produce from these modules.

A box of photographs and ephemera relating to typography at the Festival of Britain, 1951. (CH1/1, Charles Hasler Collection, MoDA)
Cigarette cards (Silver Studio archive, MoDA)

And lastly, we're not allowed to tell you the name of the show quite yet, but the film company Raise the Roof Productions have been in at MoDA and filming some objects from our collection in preparation for a new television series earmarked for the autumn. Watch this space!

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