Friday, 3 August 2012

Raymond Honeyman: artist at work

It's always exciting to see the many different ways in which creative people use MoDA's collections for inspiration.  One of these is tapestry designer Raymond Honeyman, who designs needlepoint tapestry kits for Ehrman.

Raymond came into the study room a year or so ago, and looked at a number of designs from the Silver Studio collection.  He created three designs for tapestry kits, inspired by the flowing lines and curves of some of the Silver Studio's designs from the 1890s.

'Buttercups' by Raymond Honeyman
Raymond's is a painstaking task - he paints every stitch individually, and each design consists of over 50,000 stitches.  I must say, both Raymond and the people who buy and make these kits have much more patience than I do!  

'Poppies' by Raymond Honeyman

a completed cushion cover featuring  the 'Poppies'
design by Raymond Honeyman

However, the results are worth it.  Raymond's designs are translated into kits which include all the different coloured threads; and as you can see the finished products are stunning.  

An exhibition of Raymond's work, A Passion for Painting Pattern,  was shown at MoDA in 2010.  You can watch Raymond talking about his work here:


  1. Beautiful designs. It was very helpful that you put a photograph of the finished product as well. I liked seeing how the pattern was translated into the pillow.