Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Day 61 - Kent, the Garden of England

This pretty book from MoDA's botanic collection sets the pace for a summer of Olympic weather, as our stars of  track and field find themselves in Kent today.

Flowers in Britain by L.J.F Brimble, 1944, Museum of Domestic Design & Architecture, BADDA4485

The artist for this book cover has set the scene with a beautiful hand illustration of flowers in the countryside, looking out on to the white cliffs of the South coast. The cover shows how paint can be applied loosely to create a life-like effect, as the blossom on the top of the page  is painted with pinky-white blobs, appearing as blossom when viewed in relation to the rest of the cover.

This sunny scene should inspire budding athletes and hopefully lead to some blooming marvelous victories!

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