Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Come into my Bungalow!

We've recently completed a full inventory of MoDA's collection of over 4,500 books and publications in preparation for our museum move.  It's been a wonderful opportunity for us to look at everything, and we've come across some real gems.  We thought it would be a great opportunity to share some of them here.

Museum of Domestic Design & Architecture, BADDA1266

'Come into my Bungalow' is a totally charming little booklet produced by Crown during the 1950s to advertise their wallpapers. Inside is both a children's story, and pieces to cut out and construct into your very own bungalow, complete with Crown wallpaper of course!

Below you can see a bedroom wall, papered with a design of red stars on a white background. The Crown reference numbers are provided for the wallpaper and paints featured so that you can recreate the look for real in you own home.

The book itself serves as the walls of the house when folded round on itself. The roof and pieces of furniture are provided for you to cut out and build, along with members of a two-dimensional family to inhabit it.

I would so love to cut out all the pieces and build my own little bungalow, wouldn't you?

Come into my Bungalow, Crown, 1950s (BADDA1266)

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