Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Another Royal Wedding Story

With everyone's thoughts on the wedding of William and Catherine this week, I remembered that some designs in MoDA's Silver Studio collection have a royal connection.

The silk for the dress worn by Princess Mary of Teck at her marriage to George, Duke of York in 1893 was designed by Arthur Silver of the Silver Studio, and woven by Warner & Sons.

Museum of Domestic Design & Architecture, SD12366

In true patriotic style, Princess Mary chose only British designers and manufacturers for her whole trousseau.  The design for the woven silk brocade of the wedding dress featured  roses, shamrocks and thistles symbolizing the nations of the United Kingdom.

Museum of Domestic Design & Architecture, SD12367

We don't know exactly how Arthur Silver came to be chosen as the designer of Mary's wedding dress fabric.  It will be interesting to see who has designed Catherine's dress, and to see whether the designer of the fabric gets mentioned at all!

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